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Boxer’s of the country unite!

December 14, 2010

In the last twenty years South Africa has seen all sorts of much divided communities overcome huge political problems and unite in the best interests of their particular interest.

On the sporting front we have seen virtually codes unite.  The major sports of cricket, rugby and soccer are able to present a united front to the world and to play together at all levels.  We have seen the unification of cultural, religious, agricultural and business interests in a way that has left the world open-mouthed, and, to cap it all, South Africa leads the world in the political arena when it comes to overcoming unbelievable odds.

However, after fifty years the Boxer breed in South Africa is still split.  This seems to me to be completely ridiculous.

It is not that there has been no attempt to heal this rift – there have been many.  I was personally involved in high level discussions about this back in 2003 and after these meetings there remained no substantive reason for the division to remain.  In the end t was simply the determination of some to hold on to “power” that scuppered the efforts.

The Kennel Union of Southern Africa KUSA (the internationally recognised FCI member in South Africa, and the Federation of Boxer Clubs of South Africa are the two bodies involved.   The KUSA is a Union of all breeds while obviously the FBCSA is a Boxers only entity.  Back in 2004 the FBCSA declined to enter into any further discussions based purely on the concept of power.  This was articulated in a letter from them stating that they could not agree to the use of the word “merge” instead of “affiliate” .  To quote  “Before we can proceed further with our discussions we need to agree on the meaning of “affiliate” which is what we envisage as opposed to “merge

Our source is:  “Use the Right Word – A Modern Guide to Synonyms and Related Words

–          the Editors of The Reader’s Digest and the Funk and Wagnall’s Dictionary Staff.

“affiliate” –           “is mostly used of a group related to another group.”

“the word suggests that two affiliates are co-equal in a loose relationship of autonomous groups, even when a smaller-to-larger hierarchy is involved.”

“merge”                    “This word together with blend, coalesce, combine, fuse, join and knit refers o the bringing or coming together of several different elements to form a whole.’

like blend, suggests the loss of separate identity of ingredients, but does not imply the physical act of mixing or mingling together different elements.”

”  End quote.  SO, here we are, if we can’t keep our power we won’t talk.

Sadly, this attitude continues as evidenced by the attempts at point scoring and divisional tactics in the FBCSA newsletter “Summer News” (Dec 2010).

My comment to all this is simply this, forget all the petty personal politics and think about the Boxer.  We have bigger issues to deal with than “who’s the boss”.

For goodness sake’s sake, Boxer of the New South Africa UNITE”


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